Freeline Movers is determined to lead the Moving industry of Pakistan and Afghanistan by operating so Lawfully, Ethically and with Integrity. As part of this commitment, we take a clear stand against Bribery and Corruption to protect the best intesest of the industry Agents, Partners and Customers. This policy also provides guidelines on the standards of behavior to understand the potential risk or Bribery and Corruption in your Day-to-Day operations.

To Whom, this Policy apply

This Policy applies to all our stake holders who act on our behalf which involves Employees, Business Partners, Suppliers, Service Provider, Third Parties and Consultants etc.

What is Bribery

Offering, promising, giving, receiving or soliciting anything of value either directly or indirectly in order to influence someone to gain personal or professional advantage.

Bribes can take many forms, such as…

  • Money or Cash equivalent.
  • Unreasonable Gifts, Entertainment or Hospitality.
  • Kickbacks.
  • Unwarranted Rebates or excessive Commissions.
  • Unwarranted Allowances or Expenses.
  • Facilitation Payments to perform normal Jobs more quickly or excessively.
  • Prioritizing a particular Customer.
  • Political / Charitable Contributions.
  • Uncompensated use of Company’s Services or Facilities.

What is Corruption?

Dishonest or Fraudulent act typically involving Bribery by someone in state of ‘Authority’ or ‘Power’.

Freeline Movers will not tolerate Bribery or Corruption in any form:

Freeline Movers has Zero tolerance approach to Bribery and Corruption which is set-out clearly and is important to remind again.
As potential stake holders of Freeline Movers, you have a crucial role to play in helping maintain this commitment by ensuring that all business activities coordinated with us are carried out both ethically, legally and in accordance with our Code of Conduct.
We trust that working with or on Freeline Movers behalf, you will play your part by complying with all relevant laws and legislation. We also expect you to understand and adhere to our values.

Non Compliance

Failure to comply with this Policy may lead to disciplinary action (up to and including Dismissal), and Criminal Liability for the individual involved (up to and including imprisonment)

Whistle blowing

Freeline Movers is committed to ensuring that all of its stakeholders can speak up with confidence if they have any concerns or need to ask for help. If you suspect or observe anything that you think might be in contravention of this Policy, you have an obligation to report it.

Freeline Movers will not tolerate retaliation in any form against anyone for raising concerns or reporting what they genuinely believe to be improper, Unethical or Inappropriate behavior. All reports will be treated confidentially