Environmental Policy

We believe, it is our Social and Moral responsibility that none of our Company’s activities should have any negative environmental impact.

In order to implement our Policy, we adhere to the following:

  1. Work as a team to minimize waste.
  2. Prevent pollution and conserve energy with best use of recycled materials.
  3. Making sure all our vehicles in perfect condition and in accordance to environmental protection codes.
  4. Minimize wastage of Light, Gas and Air Conditioning.
  5. Proper use of packing material to minimize waste.
  6. Using recycled paper for printing & photocopying.
  7. Keeping all Offices and Warehouses clean of smoke.
  8. Taking good care of plants at office & warehouse premises for a healthy
  9. Educate and motivate employees for performing their activities in a clean environment.
  10. Conducting green environment seminar regularly in our premises every year to make all employees more aware of their responsibilities towards environment.