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Times are changing, and sitting comfortably nestled within one of the centers of this change is the ambitious Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The World Travel & Tourism Council announced recently that Saudi Arabia has the fastest-growing
Travel & Tourism sector in the entire Middle East, with employment in the realm expected to double by 2032.


At the heart of this stimulation is Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 – a massive national reform project consolidating efforts across every facet of society, from culture to the economy.

The ambitious project underscores what cultural critics and keen observers have noted for a while: the rise of Saudi Arabia as
a destination to be, not just for the familyminded man, but for titans of industry. The particular and changing landscape of the country now promises opportunity for all of us, as well as untapped natural potential.

For people moving to the new global hotspot, Saudi Arabia boasts some of the most beautiful and unique natural wonders in the world. Take the massive archeological monuments in Al Ula, or the Farasan Islands in the Red Sea, a spectacular look into the diversity of tourist attractions for adventurers and lazy wanderers alike.

The significance of the Kingdom to our business community should also be emphasized. With an influx of international industry rushing to become a part of this burgeoning growth, the opportunity for partnerships here is more than promising, it is remarkable.

We at Freeline Movers Mover & Packers in Saudi Arabia aim to help you with all your packing, shipping, and freight forwarding needs in Saudi Arabia. As a reliable and recognized partner functioning globally for the last 35 years, let us be there with you every step of the way.

Branch Office & Warehouse – Riyadh

Plot No. 426, Al Musfat District, Near ARAMCO Riyadh Oil Refinery, Riyadh 14528, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Mobile No. +966 54 112 6031 , +966(0)561703676 Shahjahan Khan (Logistics Coordinator)
Mobile No. 00966 540 2626 Anwar Ali (Regional Manager)