Freeline Relocation Services

Freeline Movers also provides its clients a wide range of Relocation Services alongside its Moving Specialties. Freeline Relocation Services are based on ” Total Expatriate Management Concept ” which offers our clients a One Window Operation assisting them  right from their arrival to their Departure and of course during their stay throughout in major cities of Pakistan .

Meet & Greet

We understand that arriving in a new country for business or work can be full of guesswork or tiresome formalities for a foreigner. Freeline’s Meet & Greet Service enables visitors of Pakistan to get straight to their desired destination and settle easily into their new surroundings. For newcomers to Pakistan, Freeline’s executives will be available to provide all necessary assistance & convenience right from the moment of arrival at any international Airports of Pakistan.

Our Services include:

Meeting the guests at the airport.
Chauffeuring the guests to a preferred hotel of their choice.
Ensuring the guests immigration services are completed.

City Orientation & Banking

Relocation Services in Pakistan: If You’re a newcomer to Pakistan and you want to get going with business or work, there’s always such a lot of disorientation and mystery for a foreigner in a new city. Freeline’s City Orientation & Banking Services enables new visitors to Pakistan to get to their desired destination.Through City Orientation & Banking, you can get a thorough understanding of the city layout, especially the business, commercial, residential, leisure and recreational areas. You’ll know exactly where to locate the essential products and services you need.Freeline pays special attention to your banking needs by assisting in opening and closing bank accounts at the bank of your choice.Freeline’s City Orientation & Bank Services makes sure you don’t make costly mistakes or waste valuable time & money.

Accommodation & Domestic help

When you’re in the city and have plans to stay, you should have comfortable accommodation in an appropriate location, with all the domestic facilities..

Freeline’s Accommodation Services will assist you in finding the right accommodation so that your stay in Pakistan is comfortable and hassle free.

Our Services include:

  • Finding a house.
  • Providing reliable security guards.
  • Providing domestic staff.
  • Providing Catering Services for parties and functions.


Once you’re newly moved to Pakistan the important, you don’t want to be without is a vehicle and a road map. Freeline’s Transport & Travel Service will ensure you to get the vehicle of your choice at your doorstep and to take you whereever for work or recreation.

Freeline fulfills your complete transport and travel requirements so that you may get your desired station in comfort and good time.

Our Services includes:

  • Car Rentals
  • Travel Assistance
  • Leisure Trips

Tuition Services for Adults & Children

One of the inconveniences in relocating to a new place is finding educational institutions & assistance. Adults might need to learn new languages, children may need special schooling as well.


Freeline offers a learning aid facility with specialized faculty of disciplines. Our tutors will also help you learn Eastern & Western Languages